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Student Operating the Unmanned Arieal Vechile
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Students are Trained at COE on UAV Sponsored by IEI
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Students Getting Training in CASCADE Windtunnel

Aeronautical Engineering Department

Stop a moment and look up to the sky! Have you ever thought about a career that is beyond the conventional? One that will enable you to reach for the sky? Think no further. Think Aaeronautical Engineering.

The Department of Aeronautical Engineering, prepares engineers for success and leadership in the conception, design, implementation, and operation of aerospace and related engineering system. We achieve this through our commitment to education excellence, creation, development, and application of technologies critical to aerospace vehicle and information engineering; and to the architecture and engineering of complex high performance systems.

The four-year Aeronautical degree programme is designed to satisfy the demands of the aviation industry. It is also concerned with the science and practice of air and space flight, design, development, testing and production of aerospace vehicles, the maintenance and operation of aircraft and in aerospace research.

The major areas of aerospace engineering activities are:

* Designing and development - aircraft, spacecraft and components, aerospace systems and software

* Manufacturing - production, computer aided manufacturing and software, quality control

* Operations - managing the use of aircraft or spacecraft

* Maintenance - planning, preventative systems, airworthiness monitoring

* Future Planning and equipment procurement - market research, cost studies, product specification, overseeing of product and commissioning

* Standards - design, airworthiness and air safety

Lab Facilities

  1. Aircraft Structure Lab
  2. Design and Drafting
  3. Aerodynamics Lab
  4. Aircraft Structure Repair Lab
  5. CAD/CAM Lab
  6. Aircraft Design Project
  7. Propulsion Lab
  8. Aero Engine Repair and Maintenance Lab
  9. Aircraft Systems Lab
  10. Avionics Lab

Library Facilities

The department has a fully automated library with 6000 books of 2000 titles and about 500 CDs. Apart from text books, the library has National and International journals and some popular dailies. Moreover, online book reservation facility through intranet is also available in the department library. The department maintains an exclusive question bank in the library which comprises a collection of University Question papers and additional objective type questions papers prepared by the department faculty.